4th Reading/Spelling

Dec 01

*biologist- scientist who studies living things, including their origins, structures, activities and distribution.

* bluff- a high, steep slope or cliff

* lagoon- a pond or small lake, especially one connected with a larger body of water

* massive- big and heavy, bulky

* rumbling- making a deep, heavy, continuous sound

*tropical- of or like the regions 23.45 degrees north or south of the equator where the sun can shine directly overhead

Dec 01

Homophones- words that sound the same but are spelled differently

1. piece

2. peace

3. break

4. brake

5. threw

6. through

7. by

8. bye

9. beat

10. beet

11. thrown

12. throne

13. aloud

14. allowed

15. past

16. passed

17. weight

18. wait

19. there

20. their

Challenge Words

21. principal

22. principle

23. symbol

24. cymbal

25. stationary

26. stationery


Dec 01

December 5th–Parent Teacher Conference 3:45-5:45

December 5-9–Santa’s Workshop **MY homeroom will visit Santa’s Workshop on the 6th and 8th.

December 15–Christmas Program **Grades 1/2 will perform at 9:00 **Grades 3/4 will perform at 1:30

December 21–4th grade field trip to Marquee Cinemas and Chuck E. Cheese

December 22– AIT Early Release Day

December 23-January 2–Christmas Break

Sep 15

News for September

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Sept. 16………………Back to School Dance

Sept. 21……………….AIT Day Early Release-12:45

Sept. 26-Sept. 30……………………………Homecoming Week

** Early Release on Sept. 30 for Homecoming Parade-11:30

Sep 15

Glacier-a great mass of ice that moves very slowly downa mountain or along a valley, or spreading very slowly over a land area

Impressive- Able to impress the mind, feelings, conscience

Naturalist- A person who studies living things

Preserve- To keep from harm or change; protect

Slopes-land that goes up or down at an angle

Species- A set of related living things that share certain characteristics and that can be interbred

Wilderness-a wild region with few or no people living in it

More Words to Know

Altitudes- heights above Earth’s surface

Formations- things that are formed

Reservoir- a place where water is collected and stored for use.

Sep 15

Letters Home From Yosemite

1. usual

2. huge

3. flute

4. mood

5. smooth

6. threw

7. afternoon

8. scooter

9. juice

10. cruise

11. truth

12. bruise

13. cruel

14. excuse

15. pupil

16. groove

17. confuse

18. humor

19. duty

20. curfew

Challenge Words

21. influence

22. aluminum

23. nutrition

24 accumulate

25. igloo


Sep 12

Bargain-an agreement to trade or exchange, deal

Favor- Act of kindness

Lassoed- Roped; caught with a long rope with a loop on the end

Offended- Hurt the feelings of someone; made angry

Prairie- Large area of level or rolling land with grass but few or no trees

Riverbed-Channel in which a river flows or used to flow

Shrieked- Made a loud, sharp, shrill sound

Sassy-Rude, lively, spirited

Suspiciously- Without trust, doubtfully

Twang-to make a sharp, ringing sound

Sep 12

1. prairie

2. calorie

3. honey

4. valley

5. money

6. finally

7. movie

8. country

9. empty

10. city

11. rookie

12. collie

13. breezy

14. jury

15. hockey

16. balcony

17. steady

18. alley

19. trolley

20. misty

Challenge Words

21. frequency

22. parsley

23. journey

24. chimney

25. attorney

Sep 09

School Pictures!!!

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Lifetouch photography will be at the school on Monday, September 12 for school pictures!!  A form went home on Wednesday for the parents to choose what color background they want for their child’s pictures.

Sep 01

September 5…no school Labor Day

September 12…School Pictures

September 21…AIT Day Students will be released at 12:45

September 26-30 Homecoming Spirit Week

September 30…Homecoming Parade-Students will be released at 11:30.